This Highlights Of Tilicho Lake presents an amazing journey to the world’s highest glacial lake, situated at an elevation of 4949 meters.

This stunning lake is an integral part of the renowned Annapurna circuit trek, offering one of the most captivating trekking experiences.

Many adventurers choose to undertake the Tilicho Lake trek as an extension of their Annapurna circuit journey, often following it with a challenging traverse of the Thorong La pass.

Located amidst the High Himalayas, Tilicho Lake stands as a magnificent focal point, drawing trekkers with its breathtaking beauty.

Surrounded by towering peaks, including the majestic Tilicho Peak at 7,134 meters, the lake is a prominent attraction in the Annapurna region.

The 19-day trek promises an exploration of uncharted territories, unveiling landscapes and vistas that are truly unparalleled.

Despite the enchanting scenery, the trek to Tilicho Lake poses its own set of challenges, notably the difficulty level heightened by the frequent occurrence of stonefalls from the surrounding mountains.

In the midst of this challenging terrain, the trek to Tilicho Lake emerges as a must-experience activity for those undertaking the Annapurna circuit trek.

The journey is a profound opportunity to delve into the spectacular landscapes and lofty mountains that define the essence of this remarkable region

What to expect on the trek?

What awaits you on the Tilicho Lake trek is a myriad of sights that surpass expectations. The trek unfolds a wealth of experiences, often underestimated by many trekkers.

The Annapurna Circuit Trek (ACT) is already renowned as one of the most rewarding trek trails globally, and extending your journey to include the world’s highest glacial lake only elevates the adventure.

The combination of the Annapurna Circuit and Tilicho Lake presents a rich tapestry of cultural encounters, transitioning from the lowlands’ lifestyle and traditions to the highlands’ distinct way of life.

The trek is a visual feast from start to finish, with landscapes evolving in diversity, leaving trekkers in constant awe.

Towering peaks, including Mt. Dhaulagiri (8,167m), Mt. Annapurna I (8,091m), Mt. Manaslu (8,163m), Mt. Annapurna II (7,937m), Mt. Annapurna III (7,555m), Gangapurna, Tilicho Peak, and numerous other majestic summits, grace the journey with their awe-inspiring presence.

The trek to Tilicho Lake is a profound exploration that prompts a continual sense of wonder, inviting trekkers to lose themselves in the grandeur of the Himalayan landscape.

Tilicho Lake Trek Facts

Tilicho Lake Highlights

Trek Name: Tilicho Lake Trek with Annapurna Circuit
Duration: 16 Trek days, 1 day drive back to Kathmandu, 2 days Arrival and Departure (Total 19 days)
Max. Elevation: 5416m/17,769 feet (Thorong La Pass)
Starting Points: Ngadi, Chame, Dharapani
Ending Points: Pokhara, Tatopani, or Jomsom
Best Time to Trek: Spring and Autumn Seasons
Accommodation: Tea House

Trekking route:

The Tilicho Lake trek offers adventurers a diverse range of routes to explore the pristine beauty of the Himalayas.

The most common route commences from the quaint village of Manang along the renowned Annapurna Circuit trail.

Trekkers traverse through this picturesque circuit, extending their journey to the mesmerizing Tilicho Lake, surrounded by the colossal Annapurna mountain ranges.

An alternative and less frequented option is the Narphu Valley route, leading through the secluded Nar Phu Valley with its unique Tibetan-influenced culture before merging onto the Annapurna Circuit trail towards Tilicho Lake and the challenging Thorong La Pass.

For those seeking a shorter yet equally captivating trek, the Chame starting point provides accessibility through a day’s drive from Kathmandu, leading to an expedited journey through Manang and Shreekharka before reaching the awe-inspiring Tilicho Lake.

Each route promises a blend of panoramic landscapes, cultural immersion, and the thrill of high-altitude adventure, ensuring a remarkable trekking experience in the heart of the Himalayas.

Trekking costs:

The Tilicho Lake trek cost encompasses:
Airport Transfers: Inclusive of both arrival and departure services.
Accommodation in Kathmandu: Three nights of shared accommodation in a tourist-standard hotel in Kathmandu.
Meals During Trek: Full board meals are provided throughout the trekking days, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Tea House Accommodation: Lodging arrangements on a tea house basis during the trekking days.
Guided Trek: A fully escorted trek led by a local guide proficient in English, with one porter for every two guests.
Permits: Inclusion of necessary permits such as the Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACCAP), Narphu Special Control Region Permit, and Trekkers’ Information Management System (TIMS) Permit.
First Aid Provisions: Availability of a First Aid Box to ensure the safety and well-being of trekkers.
Domestic Airport Transfers: Transportation services for pick up and drop off according to the itinerary within Nepal.
Supporting Trekking Staff: Coverage for the food, accommodation, and salary of the Nepali trekking staff.


The Tilicho Lake trek offers a transformative odyssey through the breathtaking landscapes of the Annapurna region.

Amidst towering peaks and the serene beauty of Tilicho Lake, the journey becomes an unforgettable tapestry of adventure and cultural immersion.

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Their comprehensive packages, inclusive of airport services, accommodation, meals, permits, and expert guides, ensure a seamless and enriching experience.

With a commitment to safety, supporting trekking staff, and responsible tourism, Nepal Treks and Tour stands out as the ideal companion for those seeking not just a trek but a lifetime expedition into the heart of the Himalayas.

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