Tourism in Nepal has been growing at a rapid rate. The once hard to access Himalayas have become a travel destination for enthusiasts all over the world. Most of the remote areas which offer exciting adventure and travel opportunities have been accessed by travelers and tourists. Thousands of tourists visit Nepal each year which generates revenue for the country, companies, and the local communities.It is a big step towards growth but along with these accesses come pollution and negative impacts. The harms that irresponsible tourism brings weigh too much considering Nepal is a lucrative travel destination for its unique features and authenticity.

Each year, tons of litter are left on the base camps of the mighty Himalayas. The trails passing through conservation areas are hampered by irresponsible acts. Even the cultural heritages have seen a rise in pollution. Western influences have also made their mark on traditional culture and traditions.Nepal Treks, with its responsible approach towards tourism,aims to reduce the harmful effects of haphazard tourism. We keep in check that the environment is unaltered by the activities involved in tourism-related activities. Use of local products during the treks, designated camping sites and resting places, and use of proper dumping sites are a few of the practices we do to participate in responsible tourism. Minor things like these help to conserve the environment and also maintain the standard of cultural monuments and practices.

Along the operation of various trips and activities, we also believe in giving back to the community. Hiring local guides, promoting local businesses at the tours, using locally made products help support the remote communities. Be it partnering with the local organizations or conducting responsible programs on our own, we work towards helping the rural regions grow through our clients. Partnership with local communities is beneficial for us, them and the environment. It builds sustainability and a pleasant experience for our visitors as well.

Our clients can take part in such a campaign for a better and responsible travel experience. While the trips involve offering exciting journeys across Nepal, the practice of responsible tourism is important to both the clients and the country as a whole. Join us and do your part to sustain the wonders of Nepal so that they can be a part of the next generation as well.